Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow


    Ustinov, G.

    Silver; chasing, gilding, engraving, carving

    Height 20 cm

    Marks: "ГУ"; "84; Moscow city coat of arms; 1850


    Silver mug, gilded inside, with removable lid, on round base, with the handle is made in the Historism style. The base is covered with carved patterns of stylized leaves and curls. The body bottom part is round, slightly widened, ornated with relief pattern of sidelong spoons with niello and carved curls on the inner side. The upper part that widens upward is decorated with the braided patterns, engraved curls and stylized leaves. Four ornately shaped medallions with carved architectural landscapes on the inner surface are in the removable lid. The onlay rosette of stylized leaves and flower bouquets is in the center. Ornately shaped lid is hollow inside, decorated with curls.