Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Crystal, silver; faceting, casting, chasing, forge-rolling

    25.0 х 25.5 х 25.5 cm

    Marks: "К.ФАБЕРЖЕ", double-headed eagle; "A.A. / 1895", "84", Moscow city coat of arms


    Few large Faberge vase settings have survived up to the present day; therefore, this item is rare. A sample of a vase placed in the Price List of K. Faberge products for 1899 No. 3, the price 250 rubles. Was described "crystal vase with a chased dolphin" (K. Faberge. the Court Supplier. Gold, diamond and silver products. M., 1899. p.40, No.33).

    Crystal vase in the form of a round plate with scalloped edge on the base in the Historicism style. The base is comprised of a silver stand, made in a form of a chased dolphin figure and ornately shaped crystal socle mounted on four round silver feet, decorated with woven and corrugated belt.