Russian Metal Artworks

Travel inkpot

    Travel inkpot

    Russia, Saint Petersburg


    Nikols & Plinke firm

    Silver, gold, glass; chiselling

    6.8 х 7.3 х 7.3 cm

    Marks: "N:P", "КА"; "84", St. Petersburg coat of arms, "И.Е/1875"


    Silver inkpot of square form, with a hinged lid with snap shutter and glass bulb inside. The monogram «AA» under the imperial crown on the lid, made of gold and belonging, perhaps, to the Crown prince Alexander Alexandrovich, the future Emperor Alexander III, underlines the smooth inkpot surface. Round silver button is in the snap shutter. The "J" -shaped hinged hook-lock is near it. Cylindrical bulb of transparent, colourless glass is inside the inkpot.