Russian Metal Artworks

Box for cigarettes and cigars

    Box for cigarettes and cigars

    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver; casting, chasing, gilding, engraving

    4.2 x 22.2 x 14.5 cm

    Marks: "ХЛѢБНИКОВЪ"; two-headed eagle; the identification mark and tee of Moscow District Assay office in 1908-1917 with silver alloy "84"


    Silver rectangular box, gilded inside, with a hinged lid. The lid smooth surface is ornated with a chased composition, made in the style of Neoclassicism, consisting of a laurel wreath, surrounded by torches with bows and acanthus leaves-curls on both sides. A gilded monogram "ДГ" is inside the wreath. An engraved inscription is on the hinged lid inner side: "Дорогому // Данiилу Парфеньевичу // сослуживцы Р.О.М.З. Бр. Кертингъ // Петроградъ // 1916” (Dear / Danyilu Parfenevich / / co-workers RO.M.Z. Br. Kerting // Petrograd // 1916).