Russian Metal Artworks

Box (casket)

    Box (casket)

    Russia, Moscow


    Silver, red cabochon; casting, chasing, gilding

    9.2 х 24.3 х 16.8 cm

    Marks: "HIT"; identification mark and tee of Moscow District Assay office in 1908-1917 with alloy "84"


    Round snuffbox from birchbark with a removable lid. Coat of arms of the Vasilchikovs dynasty, surrounded by military trophies is embossed on the lid. This coat of arms was registered in the fifth volume of "The General Armorial of the Russian Empire Noble Families" (GA, Volume I, p. 62). The snuffbox bottom is decorated with an embossed geometric pattern. A round medallion is on the bottom center. The image of a bird with wide-spred wings, holding a flower in its beak and a heart with the initials "ДВ" in its claws is on the medallion. Those initials belong to Major-General V.D. Vasilchikov (1778-1859).