Russian Metal Artworks

Field pail

    Field pail

    Russia, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Copper; tin-coating, silver-plating.

    Height - 5.5 cm; diameter - 21.0 cm

    Marks: “C. Faberge” in Cyrillic with Imperial double headed eagle; embossed inscription: “War 1914” in Cyrillic


    Copper field pail with a lid, with a bow-shaped handle, a fastening clasp on the body. War of 1914-1918 dealt a death knell to the old regime. For the Faberge firm it spelled the end of the lavish orders from the Imperial family. During those years the firm began to produce objects bearing the symbol of the Red Cross. When the firm's most skilled masters were drafted into the army, Faberge started to assist the military efforts by producing grenades and cases for cannon shells in his Moscow workshops. The firm also produced large quantities of copper, steel and bronze articles with the stamped double-headed eagle and the word “War”. They served as gifts for soldiers and officers, as well as the utility objects.