Russian Metal Artworks

Photo album

    Photo album

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver, velvet, paper; casting, rouletting, engraving, niello, gilding

    23.5 х 32.0 х 5.0 сm

    Marks: "П.ОВЧИННИКОВЪ" double-headed eagle; "И.К/1879"; "84"; city coat of arms


    Rectangular photo-album with twenty-one sheets, with covers, upholstered in blue velvet, with silver clasp. The top cover of the album is decorated with overlaid rectangular gilded silver plate placed in the center of an oval medallion. The Moscow University building in Mokhovaya is engraved on it. The image is framed by the inscription: "ИВАНУ ФЕОДОРОВИЧУ КЛЕЙНУ ОТЪ СТУДЕНТОВЪ Vго КУРСА МЕДИЦ : ФАК.", "МОСКВА", "1879". (TO IVAN FEODOROVICH KLEIN FROM THE STUDENTS OF THE FIFTH COURSE OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY. MOSCOW, 1879).
    The edges of the plate are decorated with relief (flagellum), engraved and cut foliage-geometrical ornament with the inclusion of six round medallion rosettes. Images of a snake over a wineglass, a book and Hippocrates (?) are in one of the medallions. Presumable, those images are symbolising medicine as a science. Four silver "beetles" in the shape of a lozenge with a rosette in the center are fixed on the bottom cover. They serve as small supports. The album clasp is decorated with the foliage-geometric patterns. The album golden edging is in three sides.

    The album is comprised of 121 photos -- the portraits of young students. Referring to the dedicatory inscription, the album was presented to Ivan Fedorovich Klein (1837-1922) -- Russian pathologist, Professor Emeritus of the Moscow University, who was the first to introduce the study of pathological anatomy based on implementation of a microscope.