Russian Metal Artworks

Table set for one person

    Table set for one person

    Russia, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Silver; casting, chiselling

    Length: dining-spoon - 21.0 cm, dining fork - 22.0 cm; table knife - 24.0 cm; dessert spoon - 16.5 cm; dessert fork - 15.2 cm; dessert knife - 20.0 cm; tea spoon - 14.2 cm

    Marks: "К.ФАБЕРЖЕ", double-headed eagle; tee of Moscow District Assay administration 1908-1917 with silver alloy mark "84"


    Silverware set for one person ("egoist"), in the Neo-Classicism style. The set consists of seven items: dining spoon, fork and knife; dessert spoon, fork and knife and teaspoon.
    The set is stored in the modern wooden box. There is a mark "К.ФАБЕРЖЕ " under the double-headed eagle. The inscription /МОСКВА СПЕТЕРБУРГЪ" is on the box internal surface.