Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow


    Petr Milyukov silverware factory

    Silver; hand tapping, carving, niello, repousse, gilding

    13.7 х 25 х 21.3 cm

    Marks: "ПМ"; "В∙С/1872"; "84"; Soviet assay mark with the number "875"



    Spherical shaped flagon with a spout-drain on the upper edge (crown), on a profiled pan. The flagon inner surface is decorated with two smooth oval medallions with the fragment of the Moscow Kremlin panorama (in one) and summer troika with a coachman and two riders (in the other).

    The images are framed with round medallions with a stylized foliage ornament. The same foliage pattern is on the flagon pan; the flagon crown and side walls are emphasized by a “wicker” geometric pattern.

    All the ornaments are niello and on the gilded repousse background.