Russian Metal Artworks

Casket with blotting-pad

    Casket with blotting-pad

    Russia, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Silver, wood, fabric; casting, embossing

    Chest: 13.6 х 49.0 х 40.5 cm; writing case: 24.5 х 37 cm

    Marks on the chest: "C.FABERGÉ", Imperial eagle, Moscow District Assay department mark 1899 - 1908. Marks on the writing case: "C.FABERGÉ", Imperial eagle, Moscow District Assay department mark 1899 - 1908; "84"


    Wooden rectangular chest in the shape of the Old Russian cofferet for head support with the hinged cover, keyhole and two silver side handles. The corners, the keyhole and the cover external side are decorated with plated silver details featuring floral and geometric patterns and birds. The cover inner side is decorated with fancy plated silver monogram "АБ", letters and numbers that form the inscription and the date: “GRATEFUL EMPLOYEES 1906” ("ПРИЗНАТЕЛЬНЫЕ СЛУЖАЩIЕ 1906"). The inner side of the chest is lined with colour fabric.

    Rectangular writing case lined with beige velvet and decorated with plated silver details on the top cover: monogram "АБ" comprised of branches with stylized berry clusters in the center and rectangular a jour plate with fantasy flowers and birds sitting on the curled branches and carved inscription “From grateful workers of C. Fabergé trade house 1906” ("Отъ благодарныхъ рабочихъ фабрики Т-го Д-ма К.Фаберже 1906") on the bottom. The plated details are made with inserts made of cabochon gemstones.


    Chest with a writing case made in the neo-Russian style was presented to Allan Bowe, the head of Moscow branch of the company from 1901 to 1906, by the workers of C. Fabergé trading house factory.