Russian Metal Artworks

Desktop notepad

    Desktop notepad

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Anders Nevalainen gold and silverware workshop, Heinrich Moser and Co., Fabergé firm

    Silver, wood; casting, stamping, chasing, gilding

    13.4 x 10.0 x 2.8 cm

    Marks: “C. Faberge”, two-headed eagle - the Russian Empire coat of arms; workshop – “A.N”; tee of the St. Petersburg District Assay Office in 1899-1908 with alloy "88" and the initials of the district manager Ya. Lyapunov - "ЯЛ"; alloy "88"


    Rectangular desktop notepad, consisting of the upper hinged cover-plate, fixed on profiled wooden pedestal-stand. Wooden cover is decorated with silver onlay details in the form of the belts comprised of the stylized Lictor’s rods and pearl-shaped belt, forming rectangular frame, with rosettes and scallops located on the surface. The decor is realized in the Neo Classical style.