Russian Metal Artworks

Serving hospitality tablemat for bread and salt

    Serving hospitality tablemat for bread and salt

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Unknown master

    Silver; casting, punchwork, chasing, enamel over engraving

    Diameter 53 cm

    Marks: "AN", "A.F/1882", "84", Saint-Petersburg coat of arts; "105"


    Serving tablemat, round, flat, with wide sides, partially gold plated, made in the Russian style in the form of woven linen napkin, decorated with floral design, with fringed pleated edges. The tablematbottom is decorated with the monogram placed beneath the Imperial crown and consisting of the first letters of the name of the Emperor Alexander III and his spouse - Maria Fyodorovna - "AM III" - framed by laurel and oak branches, tied by a bow. The monogram, the branches and the bow are decorated with navy, green and red enamel over engraving. Onlay images are on the tablematwelt: 1) two-headed eagles beneath the crown, holding a sceptre and an orb; 2) coats of arms with the monogram "AM III" under the Imperial crown against the navy enamel background; 3) the emblem of Mogilev province decorated with enamel over carving - navy, green and red; 4) presentation inscriptions and dates in navy enamel - "863" (foundation of Russia by Rurik), "1883" (year of Alexander III coronation), "FROM THE NOBILITY", "OF MOGILEV PROVINCE".

    This bread and salt hospitality tablema is a present from the nobility of Mogilev province to Alexander III on the occasion of his coronation in 1883, which corresponded to the ancient Russian tradition to submit bread and salt on a tablematon the official coronation day, red carpet welcome and jubilees.