Russian Metal Artworks

Glass holder

    Glass holder

    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver; enamel over filigree, gold plating

    Height 10.5 cm

    Marks: "KHLEBNIKOV",double-headed eagle; Moscow District Assay department tee in 1899 - 1908, silver alloy "88"


    Cylindrical glass holder, with irregular edge, on a round circular base with four feet, with high geometrical handle, made in the neo-Russian style. The base and the feet are decorated with a filigree pattern of stylised whorls, a flower rosette and squares filled with white-green and burgundy enamel. The body is decorated with a girdle of geometrical ornament with orange, navy and blue enamels. Between them, against the blue background, in the centre, there are images of a stylised flower on a long stem with leaves and a row of different-size triangles on the sides, filled with navy, blue and burgundy enamels. The body upper irregular edge is ornated with abstract enamel filigree patterns around a circular medallion with a monogram inside. Blue, navy, green, brown and white enamels fill filigree circles, triangles, stylised leaves on the handle.