Russian Metal Artworks

Glass holder

    Glass holder

    Russia, Kazan


    Kozlov - silver master

    Silver; champleve enamel, engraving, punchwork, gold plating

    9.8 х 14.1 cm

    Marks: "KOZLOV", obverse and reverse of medal for participation in exhibition (?); "S.SH / 1881"; emblem of Kazan, "84".


    Hexagon glass holder on a hexagon base, with a geometrical handle, made in the Russian style. The glass holder body is made in the form of towels hanging on crossbars of a fence. The towels are decorated with champleve enamel ornament. The hexagon base of the glass holder is in the form of crowns made of tree trunks. A folded narrow towel decorated with an enamel design ornates the glass holder handle made in the form of two tied logs.