Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Imperial Stroganov College

    Faience, colored glaze; embossing

    Height 14 cm, length 17 cm

    Marks: Cyrillic abbreviation "CУ" with two dots on both sides, encircled; two-headed eagle; date in rectangular frame "1904"


    Spherical ceramic teapot on ring-shaped base with detachable lid. The teapot body is covered with green glaze and adorned by the relief images of shields that are covered with glaze, with the monogram "НА II" beneath the royal crown, half-face portraits of Emperor Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra Fedorovna, and the House of Romanov coat of arms - a griffin holding small round heater shield and sword in its paws. Both images are framed with flower garlands. The ring-shaped base is rimmed with cording; the spout and the geometrized handle are adorned with foliage ornament and covered with light brown glaze. Detachable lid is decorated with floral garlands; the grip is made in a form of a stylized royal crown.