Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russia, Gus-Khrustalny (town)


    Designed and decorated following the Fyodor Schechtel sketch, Glass factory in Gus-Khrustalny (town)

    Glass; engraving, guilloche

    21.8 х 9.5 х 7.0 сm

    Rectangular decanter of colourless glass, decorated with engraved images of the so-called "Russian retrospectivism" style, with friction-fitted stopper. National coat of arms is on one of wide thick surfaces: double-headed eagle with a sceptre and an orb with the Empress Catherine II monogram on its breast - "E II". The Romanoff's family coat of arms is on its other wide side: griffin-guard with a sword and a shield; the monogram "E II" beneath the crown. Images of tulips are on the side walls.

    Similar memorable decanters based on the sketches by Fyodor Schechtel were made in honour of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, that was widely celebrated in 1913.