Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Goblet with inscription: "Всеобщiй Миръ 8-го ноября 1815 года"

    Goblet with inscription: "Всеобщiй Миръ 8-го ноября 1815 года"

    Russian Empire, Nikolskoe village

    The 1810s - early 1820s

    N. Bahmetev's factory

    Glass, enamel; faceting, gold painting

    Height 17.5 cm


    Goblet of colourless glass with conical faceted bowl, expanding to the edge, placed on faceted leg on square base. The body of the bowl is decorated with two enamel medallions imitating milk glass onlay with the Emperor Alexander I ("A I" under the crown) monogram on one of them; inscription "Всеобщiй Миръ 8-го ноября 1815 года" - on the other. The inscriptions with golden letters. Golden outline emphasizes the crown, medallion and bottom part of the bowl.

    This goblet is a memorable one, it belongs to a group of various glass and crystal objects dedicated to the Patriotic War of 1812 and glorifying Russia's victory over Napoleon.