Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Goblet with inscription "Въ честь Россiйскаго войнства"

    Goblet with inscription "Въ честь Россiйскаго войнства"

    Russian Empire, St. Petersburg

    1810's-early 1820s

    Following A. Barmin's drawing (form), Imperial Glass factory

    Crystal, milk glass; faceting, gold painting

    Height: 18.4 cm

    Goblet of colourless crystal with a cone-shaped faceted bowl, with a high faceted leg and round, faceted, with a scalloped edge base. The body of the bowl is decorated with an onlay  medallion of milky glass with the monogram of Emperor Alexander I ("A I" under the crown) and the inscription in golden letters: "Въ честь Россiйскаго войнства взявшаго Парижъ 19 марта 1814." The crown and medallion are accentuated by gold layer.

    This goblet is a memorable one, it is a part of a group of various crystal products with milky glass medallions, which reflected the events of the Patriotic War of 1812, portraits of Russian commanders were depicted on them and "exulting" inscriptions were cited.