Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire, St. Petersburg

    1810's-early 1820's

    According to A. Barmin's drawing (form), Imperial Glass factory

    Crystal, milk glass; cutting, painting, gilding

    Height 13.0 cm

    Goblet of colourless crystal with a cylindrical shaped bowl, decorated with a prismatic "step" edge standing on a faceted leg and a circular base. The body of the bowl is decorated with an onlay medallion of milky glass with allegorical painting in the form of a conventional image of the map of Europe with the trumpeting Nika soaring above it. The places of remarkable battles of 1812-1814 are marked on the map. The crown of the wineglass and the medallion are emphasized by a gold layer.

    This goblet is a memorable one, it belongs to a group of various crystal objects with milky glass medallions dedicated to the Patriotic War of 1812 and glorifying Russia's victory over Napoleon.