Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Glass with the portrait of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

    Glass with the portrait of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

    The 1840s

    P. Semechkin and K. Terebenev workshop

    Transparent colorless glass; gold and silver painting, decalcomania, grinding

    Height 7.3 cm, diameter 7.7 cm


    Colourless transparent cone-shaped glass with faceted bottom part. The glass body is decorated with octagonal elongated margin with black and white printed portrait of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in beret, made according to the engraving by Thomas Wright (1742-1849) from the original watercolor by Pyotr Sokolov (1787-1848). The portrait is framed with oak and laurel leaves wreath, flanked by military trophies in the form of four banners. The image is crowned with the Imperial crown; two-headed eagle with Imperial regalia is at the lower part. The whole composition is framed with stylized acanthus leaves and surrounded by gold border. The glass opposite side is decorated with gold and silver painted simplified stylized flowerpot image with five-petal flowers, separate four- and five-petal flowers, small details and C-shaped floral curls.
    The bottom and the welt are emphasized with golden layer.