Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Pot-shaped vase

    Pot-shaped vase

    Great Britain (ceramics). Russia (setting and base), St. Petersburg (setting and base)

    Late 19th century

    Stephen Vyakeva silverware workshop (setting and base), C.Faberge firm

    Ceramics, glaze, silver; casting, punch work, milling

    Height 14.3 cm

    Marks on the setting: "K.FABERGE", "SW"; double-headed eagle "88", emblem of St.Petersburg; инв No "1874" (?)


    Pot-shaped ceramic vase covered with mossy glaze, on silver base with four feet and silver setting of the crown, in the Historism style. Sheep hooves-shaped feet, completed with the décor of stylized acanthus leaves and flower rosettes. The circular base is decorated with grooving. The vase circular setting is made as stylised Lictor's rods with twisted ribbons.