Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Set of three plates with the images of Russian Bogatyrs (Vityaz)

    Set of three plates with the images of Russian Bogatyrs (Vityaz)

    Russia, Dulyovo


    Factory "M.S.K26 Kuznetsov's Partnership for production of porcelain and faience goods" in Dulyovo

    Porcelain; overglaze laying, print, stencil, painting, gilding

    Diameter 33.3 cm

    Mark: overglaze, blue, print: double-headed eagle, the signature below: "T-va /M.S. KUZNETSOVA /D.F.", mark on the paste: "13"


    Decorative round plates with two apertures on circular tray for attachment (hanging), made in the Neo Russian style. Every single dish is decorated with story paintings depicting a hero with grey beard, wearing armour, a helmet and ring-armour, astride white horse, holding a spear with the standart attached to it, with the dates: "1914", "1915" and "1916". The heroes on each dish are in different positions. On the 1914th dish, the hero is astride the horse that stands square. On the 1915th dish - the horse and the rider are frozen on the edge of a precipice , on the 1916th dish, the rider is treading down fancy serpent with his pikestaff.


    The three Russian hero dishes make a series symbolizing three years of the first world war (1914 - 1918) and are of great value as relevant works of their epoch, allegorically illustrating up-to-date historic events.