Participants of the #AskConstructor contest visited Museum Collection

Participants of the children's competition for the best question on the theme of construction #AskConstructor that was organized as a part of the project "I am the Constructor of the Future!" visited Museum Collection with the excursion program today.

The Museum Collection exposition is one of the largest unique private collections of the world cultural heritage, its art fund totals more than 20,000 exhibits.

The children enjoyed the tour that passed through all exposition floors. They saw self-playing musical instruments and mechanical rarities, including music boxes, organs, orchestrions, barrel organs, player pianos and grand pianos, gramophones and phonographs, accordions, clocks and automata.

When the excursion program came to the end, the restoration workshops where watchmakers, restorers and other artisans work, were shown to the children. After that, the children participated in the master class on hand making the themed postcards.

A delicious tea party was a nice bonus to the educational program.

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