Interview of David Iakobachvili, the founder of the Museum Collection to FORBES LIFE magazine

We present an interview with David Iakobachvili, published in the December issue of FORBES LIFE magazine.

“David Iakobachvili, collector, president of Orion Heritage, vice president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, opens the largest private museum in Russia and Europe in four floors building in Solyanka street with total area of 12,000 square meters. The exposition space, educational center and restoration workshops are located there. Since there is no possibility to demonstrate all musical instruments, watches, automata, jewelry, glass art, lapidary works of art, rare books, engravings, paintings, sculptures (each of the 20,000 collection items was personally selected and bought by David Iakobachvili), the museum is planning to organize temporary expositions. David Iakobachvili does not pause; he still buys, personally tracking the lots at auctions and in private collections. Talking to Forbes Life via Skype from his office, David Mikhailovich glues loose petals of ornamental stone in jewelry composition with flowers and berries dated early 20th century…”

The text of the interview is on the FORBES LIFE magazine website.