How is the new museum of antiquities arranged

In the 90’s David Iakobachvili was known in Moscow as a co-owner of the legendary casino Metelitsa and Wimm-Bill-Dann Company. Having left for Sweden in the Soviet times, he took up business there. Bill Lindwall, businessman from Stockholm, was one of his partners, and later became his friend. The Swede had a peculiar hobby - he collected mechanical musical instruments – barrel organs and fairground organs. Moreover, liked to play a portable organ in the street to entertainment people. By 2000, Bill Lindwall’s collection amounted  up to 460 various mechanical musical instruments. By that time, he was seriously ill and decided to sell his collection to David Iakobachvili. Lindwall anticipated that his children would sell the collection by piecemeal. He pledge his friend to create a museum  in future that would be based on his collection.

Olga Proskurnina

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