Interview of David Iakobachvili, the founder of the Museum Collection on the website ARTANDHOUSES

The collector told the website columnist, journalist Inna Pulikova about the history of the museum creation, the choice of its location, construction of the building and plans for the future museum site development.
“What are the plans of the future museum? What will happen there - apart from the collection disposal?”

 Exhibitions will be held there – it goes without saying. We also plan to organize musical evenings, since there is a huge range of musical instruments, records, rolls, cylinders and records in the museum’s collection. Such thematic events can be held on a day-to-day basis.
The younger generation training is one most important areas of development. I am eager to have educational facilities in the museum. We are planning to describe how different mechanisms were created, how they function, explain how the sound appears, and how the bellows that feed air in the mechanisms are constructed, what pipes are involved in the process of creating sounds. Perhaps, we will educate children for different applied professions - a clockmaker, maintenance foreman, and a carpenter. We plan to implement educational programs, conduct lectures, and teach master classes. On the second floor, we will place our own workshops, since we have a lot of restoration work in prospect. We will make gilding, metal works, carry out carpentry, and restore the mechanisms and exhibits’ exterior as well.
As for the exposition, we will hold joint exhibitions in our territory - both with state museums and with private collectors. We have a large collection; we can exhibit not only musical mechanics, paintings, arts and crafts in such joint projects. Maybe, someone possesses a vast collection of matchboxes or glass (bottles, glasses) – all directions are interesting to us.

  The museum site also allows holding auctions - we do not plan to organize them ourselves, but we can provide space to those institutions who are interested in it. Thus, we can choose new interesting items for ourselves on one hand, and put for auction some of our items on the other hand."
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