11.03.2015 | "Posta Magazine"

David Iakobachvili’s interview about life and business, about the collection, and the Museum

From: "Posta Magazine"

"Well-known businessman David Iakobachvili. The founder of the company "Wimm- Bill-Dann", Vice-President and member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs — these are just a few of his activities. Pragmatic businessman with a business acumen, but a vulnerable person, who sometimes doubts, he overcame enormous difficulties, which his family faced, and did not lose the interest in life, has gathered a unique collection of the antique and reached the level of "Forbes". David Iakobachvili likes life, speed, bike racing in Europe and Vysotskiy's songs..."

Details: http://posta-magazine.ru/people/interview-with-david-jacobashvili