16.05.2016 | MY WAY

In his interview to the MY WAY magazine David Iakobachvili narrated how the museum Collection will be arranged and why art exhibitions are attracting feverish demand nowadays.

From: MY WAY

David Iakobachvili’s private collection numbers about 20 thousand exhibits. Various "mechanic music": caskets, organs, orchestrions, street organs, record players, phonographs and dolls automatons compose it. This hobby has an interesting background. In the late eighties, the destiny brought together David Iakobachvili and Swedish businessman Bill Lindvall who had been collecting the self-playing musical instruments for forty years by that moment. When Lindvall had realized that he was seriously sick, he suggested David to buy his collection – 400–450 objects and to create a museum. The idea seemed tempting to Iakobachvili – and since that time, he had been replenishing Lindvall's collection enthusiastically for a quarter of century already. Along the line while surfing various world auctions, Iakobachvili bought several bronze figurines created by Russian masters with the aim to present them to his friends. He grudged giving them to somebody… It was the time when the vast collection of Russian applied art was initiated: besides the small statuary by Lanceray, Antokolsky, Kovshenkov, Sherwood and Trubetskoy, it includes table utensils by Fabergé, Rückert, Sazikov, Ovchinnikov and other masters. Iakobachvili also succeeded to gather representative collections of ancient photos and rare sound storage devices: from paper rolls to vinyl records.

Details: http://www.mywaymag.ru/people/david-yakobashvili-kogda-ekonomicheskaya-situatsiya-takaya....