10.08.2015 | "Tatler"

David Iakobachvili showed the collection of art to Tatler. Author's column of the Tatler’s editor-in-chief "Ksenia Solovyova

From: "Tatler"

«…The pastel mansion in the style of classical empire has been built for the museum "Collection" with the address Solyanka, 16. Graceful enough, so that its neighbors— the Orphanage House constructed according to the project of Blank and Kazakov and the building of Tutorial council by Grigoriev and Domenico Gilardi— would not be ashamed to look at it. There are four levels above the ground and four — under in the building; therefore, there will not be enough space to allocate all fifteen thousands of items. That is why the main exposition will be constantly shifted.

Details: http://www.tatler.ru/nashi_lyudi/366709_david_yakobashvili_pokazal_tatler_svoyu_kollektsiyu_iskusstva.php