Music album "Flamboyant August" in the Museum Phonotheque

The August day was melting quietly
In the evening golden dust...

Marina Tsvetaeva


Summer flew by quickly and imperceptibly -- August came, the last summer month. Nature in August is still full of colors, but slowly from the second half of the month it begins to fade, giving way to the golden autumn. In August most of the crops become ripe. August is a month that keeps a full table, it treats us with vegetables, berries and fruits; on a leisure day one can go to the forest and pick up mushrooms or vulnerary plants herbs, and if you are lucky enough – find hazel nuts.

August is the eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, one of seven months that lasts for 31 days. In the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth it is the last, third month of summer season, in the Southern Hemisphere it is the last, third month of winter time.

August usually comes earlier than we expect, faster than we are ready to realize that summer is winding down. August is the story of the passing summer, which is sure to return a year from now, but with quite a different story....

Let's enjoy the last days of summer -- for a great mood we have prepared a music album with the selection of familiar and recognizable melodies of the second half of the last century. Let them create the atmosphere of the passing summer, bright dawns and fiery sunsets, romantic meetings and walks, will lift everyone's spirits on hot shiny August days!

On the cover: Cigarette case with medallion depicting the sculpture from the arch of the main entrance of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition "Tractor Driver and Collective Farm Woman". USSR. 1939-1954