Exhibit in detail: coin operated barrel orchestrion

Today in our traditional column "Exhibit in Detail", we present an item from the collection section “Player Pianos” -- coin operated barrel orchestrion, with two keys, that was built in London in the 1900s by Pasquale & Co Ltd*. After 1927, this orchestrion was restored in the Manufacture de Pianos Automatiques & Orchestrions Pierre Van Roy**. Pinned wooden barrel that was a part of this orchestrion, was made in the same workshop.

Coin operated orchestrion is mounted varnished wooden case decorated with carved patterns and delicate frames along the panels’ outlines, with stained texture glass windows in goldish bindings, mirrors with facets and polychrome female portraits. The central section protrudes forward. Two folding cast carrying handles are on the lateral sides. Carved figured attic with the portrait of a girl with a rose in her hair, with intricately shaped stained glass windows and mirrors crowns the item. A moulding with ornately shaped stained glass window and mirrors is below. The front panel is detachable, with lock, six faceted mirrors forming a flower, stained glass windows divided by joining strokes. The portreit of a smiling girl in circular frame of green patterned glass is in the center, beneath is the sticker with information about the vendor. Goldish brass plate with coin slot, the image of a branch and the inscription '25 CMES' is on the left hand side. Pinned wooden barrel with the manufacturer’s mark and name of the organization dealing with the protection of related and author's rights in the recording industry of France (Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique) is under the lid of the protruding central section. Movable bar with felt-covered swinging hammers with keys is behind the barrel. The orchestrion musical movement is activated by a 25-centimes coin. The movement is comprised of a forty-eight-tone string mechanism, eight-tone metallophone, pinned barrel with ten tunes and spring engine with centrifugal governor. Two keys are in the set.

On the cover: Coin operated barrel orchestrion, with two keys. United Kingdom, Pasquale & Co Ltd, Manufacture de Pianos Automatiques & Orchestrions Pierre Van Roy. London. The 1900s, barrel - after 1927

*Pasquale & Co Ltd, manufacturer of mechanical pianos with pinned wooden barrels, operated from the 1880s to the 1920s
**Pierre (Petrus) Van Roy (1888-1963). Belgium