Necessaire singing bird box in the column "Exhibit in detail" (video)

The next item from the museum "Collection" exposition is in the column "The exhibit in details" -- Singing bird toiletry box (necessaire) created in Western Europe circa 1870.

The exhibit is made in the form of a black polished wooden box. The top lid is decorated with inlay-work. The case inner surface is trimmed with velvet and satin fabrics in various shades of blue and grey and patterns of wavy braid. On the tablet there are Accessories for needlework (scissors, thimble, needle case, awl and darning needle, handle with thread and five twist-on miniature hooks, two coil spools and two oblong needle pads) are on the tray with beds. Compartments with two glass flacons are on both sides of the box. Storage for accessories and other small items has also been provided: there are three special compartments closer to the box front edge.

A mechanical bird is hidden beneath an oval-shaped gilded openwork lid. When the mechanism is activated, the lid opens automatically, revealing a miniature bird that swivels in place, flaps its wings, opens and closes its beak; the sound mechanism imitates the bird's chirp. At the end of the programme, the bird hides and the lid is lowered.

Another curious detail is the hinged door with mirrors inside the lid. Underneath them are 16 photographs, the so-called visit-portraits.