Meet the themed exhibition "Circus Parade" characters

Another character of the themed exhibition "Circus Parade — is musical automaton from the museum Collection exposition — "Hercules", produced in France by Gaston Decamps manufacturing company circa the 1920s

Musical automaton is made in the form of a circus weightlifter figure standing on wooden platform. A bench with velvet cover with fringe is mounted in front of the athlete; a dumbbell lies nearby. The smiling athlete has blue eyes, moving eyelids; a fez with yellow feather is on his dark hair. He is dressed in goldish embroidered velvet vest with buttons and lacing, shirt and knee-high trousers with striped silk fringes; marsh-colored scarf is on his belt. Dark red stockings are on his feet, he is wearing leather shoes with clasps and bows. The athlete has a dumbbell in his left hand, a weight with the inscription “50 K” stands on the bench. Musical mechanism with sound comb, pinned cylinder for four tunes, spring motor and five cams control mechanism are mounted in the stand. An aperture for the crank is on the rear side, on/off lever is above it. When the movement is activated, a melody sounds, the weightlifter bents parallel with the floor, picks up and lifts the “50 K” weight, bends and unbends his left arm with the dumbbell, as if comparing the weights, turns his head, opens and closes his eyes; bends again and lowers the weight on the bench, then repeats the movements without weights.

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