Musical selection "The New Year eve hustle"

The New Year eve hustle and bustle is an exciting and important part of the winter holidays, a time of waiting miracles, joyful meetings and new plans. Pre-holiday worries and concerns -- the desire to complete all important stuff, to think up congratulations and prepare gifts for friends and relatives, think out the New Year dishes served, decorate the New Year tree, consider what you have achieved during the current year and what is still to come -- is a considerable and intrinsic part of the Christmas and New Year festive celebration and holidays.

May everyone have a fabulously beautiful winter, may it smell of tangerines and chocolate, tenderly sound of violin, be warmed with a cup of fragrant tea and soft blanket, good movies and books, long-awaited and pleasant meetings. If we all share at least a little piece of warmth with everyone we meet on our way, winter will become much warmer. For everyone.

Music is the New Year usual attribute. Music helps us to maintain the festive mood, and its enchanting sounds symbolize the beginning of the genuine magic. Even common chime of merry jingle bells sends us into a kind-hearted fairytale, and we, holding our breath, anticipate the appearance of the main wizard -- kind Father Frost.

The main quality of music is its ability to express human feelings and emotions: happiness and excitement, fear of loneliness, love and affection.
We invite you to listen to the melodies that are in tune with the New Year eve mood,
the joyous festivities, looking forward for a miracle and long-awaited holidays.