Additions to the section "Graphics" for International Painters’ Day

Today is the International Painters’ Day that was established in 2007 by the International Association of the Peoples of the World Arts”.

The festival is an example of succession in the creative art among the people that belong to different generations, the demand for classical values, despite various contemporary trends. The development of modern multimedia technologies provides new ways for creative self-realization (computer modeling, 3D printing, etc.). Hence, contrary to concerns, classical art does not exhaust from this fact, but only acquires new forms and plots.

Initially this holiday was a restricted professional event for painters, art historians, gallerists and connoisseurs of art. With time, the holiday grew out of professional frames and became a full-fledged social event celebrated in many countries around the world.

Graphics is the oldest form of visual art, first appearing in the Stone Age around 40,000 BC. The first examples of graphic images were cave paintings and images of animals scratched on cave walls, bones or stones. With the appearance of a written language, the practical usefulness of graphic art faded into insignificance, leaving it ornamental significance.

Graphics (Greek γρᾰφικός "written" from γράφω "to write") is a type of visual art in which the main artistic tools which is called the graphic ones, are the properties of a pictorial surface (often white sheet of paper) and lines, strokes and spots correlations hues. Color is used in graphics as well; but is serves as a supporting tool. The easel graphics (drawing, printmaking, lubki prints), book graphics (illustration, vignette, headpiece, etc.), industrial graphics, posters, silkscreen printing.

A fine line is between painting and graphics. For example, Pop Art and Op Art (optical art) are more graphic than pictorial trends and watercolor is a borderline. Drawing is not only the independent form of visual art, but also the framework for painting, engraving, poster, sculpture and other art directions. Michelangelo wrote about the art of drawing: "Drawing, otherwise called the art of sketching, is the highest point of painting, sculpture and architecture; drawing is the origin and core of any science. Drawing is the core of all types of graphics and other visual arts. During the Renaissance era, the art of drawing took on a significance of its own. Generally, a graphic representation is made on a sheet of paper. To make a graphical painting an artist sometimes only needs very simple tools - a graphite pencil, a ballpoint pen or Indian ink. Other drawing materials may also be used: ink, charcoal, pastel, sanguine, watercolours, etc.

The museum collection section "Graphics" features the works by Aleksander Orłowski and Mihai Zichy.
Thematic album of works by Mihaly Zichy is in the museum Photo Gallery.