The Maltsovs dynasty history in the "Audio Stories" column

New issue of the column "Audio Stories" is dedicated to the Maltsov dynasty of entrepreneurs. Interest to the dynasty of Maltsovs, who created the phenomenon called "Maltsov glass empire", manifested itself in society in the 19th century. The founder of the Maltsovs dynasty of industrialists was Vasily Vasilievitch Maltsov, Ivan, nicknamed the large one. By the end of the 1730s, the Maltsovs' glassworks had become one of the largest and well known famous in Russian Empire.

Products of the Maltsov glassworks participated in many Russian and international industrial exhibitions and were repeatedly awarded with prizes. For instance, Ivan Sergeyevich Maltsov was awarded with the Grand Gold Medal of the first Russian Manufacturer's Exhibition held in St. Petersburg in 1829, which allowed him to place the national emblem on his products and shop signs.

Members of the Maltsov family were known for their social and charitable activities. They built hospitals, pharmacies and a school for the workers' children, not to mention various contributions to charitable institutions. They built good-quality stone houses modelled on Western European workers settlements, which nowadays became the 19th century heritage-listed buildings. The Maltsov family made a huge contribution to the development of Russian glassmaking, the pinnacle of which were the coloured glass and crystal items produced by the family businesses. Museum Collection features a number of samples of the Maltsov factories. Products of the topmost artisanship are presented in the exposition and the museum website in the section "Russian Glass and Ceramic art".