On World Ballet Day – the song “Little Ballerina” performed by A. Vertinsky

World Ballet Day is celebrated every year in October -- November. There is no exact date for this celebration due to difficulty in coordinating the online broadcasts of the world major ballet companies participating in the event.  World Ballet Day is a young holiday which in recent years has succeeded in familiarizing thousands of people all over the world with the ballet art. Various arts have intricately blended together in the ballet universe. Ballet is music, dance, theatre, drama and even painting. It combines the art of acting and choreography.

“Classical ballet is a castle of beauty", wrote Joseph Brodsky. Grace, plasticity, felinity, heat of emotions, expression of feelings and emotions through body language -- all this is the ballet varnish, which prettifies the backstage -- hard work and pain, years of harassing labour and discovering new added functionality of personal body. The magnificent, multifaceted, enigmatic and flamboyant world of ballet will allow nobody who dare to look into it to stay indifferent.

For World Ballet Day we invite you to listen to a recording of the song "Little Ballerina" performed by Alexander Vertinsky. The text is by Russian poet Natalia Grushko and edited by Alexander Vertinsky, music by Alexander Vertinsky. The text was composed in 1938. The poem was set to music in 1940. The song was part of the regular repertoire of Vertinsky's concerts.

In 1940, Alexander Vertinsky (1889-1957) came across a poem by Natalia Grushko narrating about the sad fate of ballet dancers. He liked the poem and composed a melody he changed the text, but no one has yet been able to establish which lines he edited and how. The song "Little Ballerina" was performed by Alexander Vertinsky very often during his concerts, both in emigration and later when he returned home. "Little Ballerina" was one of the most popular songs in A. Vertinsky repertoire.

"Little Ballerina" was among the fifteen pieces that Alexander Nikolaevich recorded in Moscow for the Aprelevsky records factory - the recordings took place on 21, 24 and 26 January 1944.

On the cover: “Ballet dancer”, Demetre Chiparus, France, Paris. Circa 1920