Music selection "The final chord of the hot summer"

With wonderful music, the outgoing August*...

August is the last month of summer. Heatwave might happen during the first half of the month; hence the signs of impending autumn are felt from the first days of August: the nights are getting colder, the water is freshening and it rains more frequently, often with prolonged inclement weather. The weather in August is inconsistent and difficult to predict -- sometimes there are black clouds without rain. August is the month when everything is maturating and ripening. August is referred to as a hospitable month; it feeds us with fruit and berries. The forest is full of mushrooms, herbs, acorns and nuts. With the harvest comes the time to get busy, the harvesting and storing of supplies is in full swing. The last summer month has always been considered the calmest month of the year – settled and dignified. Alas, tee day is decreasing. The evening dawns go out earlier, the dusk lengthens, dew thickens and water bodies are becoming cooler down in the fog. The sun argues with the clouds. All of a sudden, one notices that the nights have become cold, and the clear sky is full of "falling stars".

August is the transition, the beginning of twilight, when everything, including the thread of life, undertakes a hint of mystery, lingering briefly in this unreal splendor of beauty, when all objects and nature appear beautiful. In that moment, the breath of nature stops for a moment, to allow one to enthuse over its beauty and mystery on the eve of its evanishing.

The music of August is peculiar: participatory and empathetic... One hears its sounds among a thousand others, and you will never confuse them... How can one not recognize them? The sounds of the passing summer you feel with your soul... They are in the silvery cobwebs in the morning, in the dew with scattered diamonds, in the sunbeams, not so bright but still warm, every gram of sun warmth is like gold... the music of the departing August is golden ... music that has no price ... music that stretches into eternity ...

The music selection "The final chord of hot summer" is posted in the museum Collection Sound Library.

* Augustus (Latin: Augustus "month of Octavian Augustus", literally: "divine, majestic")