Today all Russian florists celebrate their professional holiday

Floral design is a form of arts, crafts and design. Floral design is largely an art based on a certain knowledge and experience in creating floral arrangements, making bouquets and decorating rooms with flowers and plants. There are several styles in this art form.

The Decorative Style is characterized by lack of emphasis on a single flower. All plants are combined into a single whole - each individual flower loses its individuality, but together you get an interesting and harmonious bouquet.
The Shape Linear style is based on geometric shapes. Flowers create ovals, circles, rectangles and use long stems as additional lines. The main features of this style are contrasting colours and clear silhouettes.
A separate style is the so-called Creative Floristics, in which bouquet composers show all their originality and freedom of thought.

It is considered that the work of florists was in demand even in Ancient Egypt, where flowers were used to decorate temples, palaces and houses. Later the ancient Greeks developed the idea of weaving wreaths, making bouquets and floral arrangements. Trained specialists, who were professionally engaged in weaving of flower wreaths and composing of unusual compositions, garlands appeared in Greece By the second millennium B.C. The ancient Greeks endowed flowers and green plants with the intelligent abilities. Therefore, the most expensive gifts were flowers or branches of plants. The art of making wreaths was spred in Russia; they played an important role in Slavic pagan ceremonies. The Christian Church appreciated the beauty of flowers in the Middle Ages. Today, all the church holidays are accompanied by decorating temples and icons with floral arrangements.

The work of a florist has to bring joy, to comply with the tastes of people for whom bouquets, compositions or decorations are created.  Some people prefer to give a bouquet comprised of several flowers, while for others there is nothing more attractive than a floral arrangement. Many of us have our own preferences for flowers and floral fragrances; some stereotypes exist to whom and what kind of flowers on what holiday is preferable to give. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine any holiday or celebration without the use of flower arrangements. These bounties of nature are presented as gifts, they decorate tables and rooms. Speaking about the relevance of certain flowers at various events, professional florists say that now there is no strict division. Even if we compare male and female bouquets, they differ at most in colour or volume, no more than that.

The Day of Florist has no official status among professional holidays in Russia, but there a tradition has already appeared to celebrate it every year on the 24th of July. This was started when the qualification requirement for the profession or position of a "florist" were approved. The Floristic Union of Russia worked them out. This happened on July 24, 2009.

The works of artists, sculptors and lapidary art artisans can acquaint you with the history of this creative profession through paintings, carvings and embroidery, paintings. This will help you understand floristics of various epochs.

In the midsummer, we present a photo album dedicated to flowers and floral arrangements. In our selection, they are presented in all their diversity: floral garlands, bouquets, rosettes, made in various techniques by the prominent masters of the past. They are decorating snuffboxes, vases, caskets, watches and jewellery.

Moreover, the museum Photo Gallery features athematic photo album with the images of flowers and flower arrangements from the museum Collection sections “Glass art and Ceramic art”  and “Lapidary worksof art”.