The image of Peter I in the museum Collection exposition (video)

Today, on the 350th birth anniversary of Peter the Great', the "Museum Stories" series is replenished by another video clip "Peter the Great's Image in Art. 350 years of history".

Peter I, born on 9 June 1672 that for his services to Russia was called Peter the Great --is not just a landmark figure in the Russian history, but a front-line personality. He created the Russian Empire, so he was the last Tsar of All Russia and, consequently, the first Emperor of All Russia. The tsar's son, the tsar's godson, the tsar's brother - Peter was proclaimed the head of the country himself, being the boy that was barely 10 years old at the time.

Peter created a regular army and navy, moved the capital to St Petersburg and divided the country into counties and provinces. He spent 24 years of his reign in wars, gained access to the Baltic, Azov, Caspian and Black Seas and made the country a much notable player in the international arena.

He went down in history as a great reformer that changed the social and economic structure in the country for many years.

Peter I carried out many important reforms for the country, thanks to which Russia moved to a fundamentally new level of development. Among them were the reform of education, creation of a strong army and navy, church reform, active development of trade and establishment of the first manufactures. Many things and phenomena, without which we cannot imagine our life, beginning from the style of dress to the system of chronology, gained their present form thanks to Peter I. It goes without saying that Peter the Great personality and achievements were broadly reflected in arts. The museum Collection exposition is the clear illustration of this.

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