The Chinese calendar yearly symbols-mascots under the heading "The Exhibit in Detail" (video)

Chinese New Year for ages has been the main and longest holiday in China and other countries of East Asia. Unlike its Western counterpart, there is no fixed start date for the Chinese New Year, and each year it is marked at a different time. The celebration usually lasts for 15 days.

Today, on the closing days of the Chinese New Year celebration we present an amazing lapidary work of art  "The Chinese calendar yearly symbols-mascots"  under the heading "Exhibit in Details".  It is a set consisting of 12 small, realistically executes figurines of animals - the patrons of the year in accordance with the Chinese calendar. These figures are placed in the niches on massive wooden base, which has the outlines of a picturesque oriental garden with plants, decorative stones and ponds. The figurines inhabiting this "garden" are carved from jade, one of adamantine and complicated for processing ornamental stones. It is famous for its translucent texture and long-lasting color, which can range from bright, emerald green to dark blue and purple hues.

The ideas of this kind concerning the structure of the world were formed in China in ancient times and in subsequent centuries became generally accepted in most countries of the Far East and Southeast Asia. Today they are popular even in Europe. According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Tiger finally comes into own tomorrow. Let all your dreams are realized and the cherished desires come true!