CULTURAL EXCHANGE: Paolo Troubetzkoy. The documentary and thematic excursion

In February 2022, the Illusion Cinema, as part of the joint project of the Gosfilmofond of Russia (the state film archive) and museum Collection, will show two documentaries about the life and creative work of the sculptor Paolo Trubetskoy.

The film "The Case of the Monument to Emperor Alexander III" (1990) and a fragment of the film "I'm Looking for the Undying" (1993) will be screened from February 10, every Thursday at 11:00. After the movie time, the audience will have the opportunity to visit a thematic tour at the museum Collection. It includes a tour through the Gallery of Sculpture, where the works by the Russian and Western-Europen  sculptors of the 19th - early 20th centuries are presented and the museum permanent exposition, featuring mechanical musical instruments and objects, mechanical rarities and arts items created by the prominent artisans of the 19th-20th centuries.

You can sign up for the event and buy a ticket on the Illusion Cinema website.