Musical selection for the 225th birth anniversary of F. Schubert in our Music Library

Franz Schubert was an Austrian composer, one of the founders of romanticism in music, the author of 602 vocal compositions (to the lyrics of Schiller, Goethe, Heine and others), nine symphonies (the eighth, the most popular, is known as "Unfinished"), as well as a large number of chamber and solo piano works. Schubert's works are included in the list of most famous musical pieces from the Romantic period.

For the 225th birth anniversary of Franz Schubert, a musical selection comprised of the composer's works, recorded from paper music rolls that are stored in the museum Collection and reproduced on the Player piano "Berdux Welte Piano". 1912, Valentin Berdux Pianofortefabrik, M. Welte & Sohne G.m.b.H. is posted in our Sound Library.

Interesting facts about Franz Schubert

  • Schubert wrote about six hundred vocal compositions despite the fact that the brilliant composer passed away very young, at the age of thirty-one.

  • Most of the works written by Schubert were published many years after his death, at the end of the 19th century.

  • The only concert of compositions by Schubert, which took place during his lifetime, took place in 1828 in the Austrian capital. It was pretty imperceptible, without press coverage. However, at the same time Paganini was performing in Vienna and earned 807 times more amount for his performances.

  • With the money raised from the aforementioned concert, Schubert bought himself a piano.

  • During the funeral of another brilliant composer, Beethoven, Schubert was among the people that carried his coffin.

  • Schubert liveв on a stringent budget, often he did not have enough money even for music paper.

  • Both the London Philharmonic and the Paris Symphony Orchestras rejected Schubert’s famous Sixth Symphony.

  • The famous poet Goethe was an idol of Schubert. Schubert repeatedly attempted to get to know him personally, but they were unsuccessful.

  • Schubert's most famous work, the Grand Symphony in C major, was discovered quite by accident ten years after his death.

  • Young Schubert quit his job at school to devote his life to music.

  • In just his short life, Franz Schubert composed over a thousand different works.

  • By the age of nineteen, Schubert had composed more than a quarter of a thousand songs.

  • Schubert dreamed of being buried next to Beethoven after his death, but due to lack of funds, this request was not granted. However, many years later, his last wish was realized – his remains were moved, and now Schubert and Beethoven rest side by side.

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