International Jeweler's Day is marked today

On January 31, a professional holiday - International Jeweler's Day is celebrated all over the world.
We congratulate all jewelers, jewelry craftsmen and artisans, gem cutters, polishers, jewelry setters, figure-casters, designers and their students on their professional holiday - Jeweler's Day!

Thematic album with photographs of the exhibits from the collection that are presented in the section "Jewelry and Accessories" ("Decorative Arts and Jewelry") is posted on the museum Collection Photo Gallery.

The story about the artist and jeweler Rene Lalique and the history of Fedor Lorie jewelry company are in the section "Audio stories".

Video Archive section “Lecture Hall”  features videos demonstrating the virtuoso work of jewelry artisans and richness of the items decorative finishing. The biographies of world-famous gold and silver masters, such as Carl Faberge, Mikhail Perkhin, Karl Griesbaum and others are in the section "Authors".