"Ceramics of Emile Galle: animalier art". Second part (video)

We continue to acquaint you with the ceramic works of Emile Galle – an extremely talented and encyclopedically educated person who gave his name to a whole trend in the development of decorative and applied art. In all spheres of his multifarious activity, he managed to achieve significant results.
The second video clip of the series "Ceramics of Emile Galle"*, which is called "Animalier art", is posted in our Video Archive.

Emile Galle introduced into the art of traditional ceramics the freedom of dealing with form and decor, and expanded the possibilities of working with the material. In Nancy, the artisan was constantly experimenting, discovering new possibilities for clays, tin and lead glazes. As in the field of art glass, the artist tried combinations of different surface textures of ceramic products. In his earthenware, glossy glazes contrasted with matte ones, a combination of transparent lead and opaque tin glazes was used, and flash glazes with metallic sheen were used. Galle managed to accumulate at his factory a well-coordinated team of faience craftsmen, painters and designers that, along with him, participated in the development of interesting artistic solutions.

For the century and a half, glass and ceramic products by Emil Galle have been extremely popular not only among people in the art world, but also among connoisseurs of exquisite interiors and fireside comfort, being an integral sign of respectability and aristocracy.

*The whole cycle "Ceramics of Emile Galle" is comprised of five parts.

Ref.: “Orchids of Lorraine…” Art by Galle and the Daum Brothers. State Hermitage Museum, 1999. St. Petersburg, JSC "Slavia". p. 98