"Musical Magic". The exhibition installation and opening. Photo report

Last week, the exhibition “Musical Magic. Mechanical dolls and antique rarities of the 18th-20th centuries”, which amounts about 50 exhibits provided by museum Collection was opened in "Kazan Hermitage Center".

This is the first itinerant exhibition of the museum; many of the rarities presented there were previously stored in the museum repository and were not exhibited in the capital. The exposition will acquaint visitors with the antique rarities collected over the years: automata, self-playing musical instruments, mechanical dolls, musical clocks and musical houseware. Despite the differences in design, shape and decor, a single feature - the presence of an original musical mechanism, unites them all. The exhibits demonstrate the major inventions in the history of mechanical music and provide a complete picture of the evolution of various musical storage devices and the history of sound recording development.

Photo report from the exhibition opening is in our Photo Gallery.