Tour through the museum within the framework of Moscow Biennale Educational program (video)

Museum Collection is taking part in the 5th season of the Educational Program within Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. The aim of the Moscow Biennale educational program is to create visitable and comprehensible content for the mainstream audience. The educational program started in 2016. Fine art experts, museum founders, directors and curators have been narrating already for 5 years about art - both classical and contemporary, explaining how these two seemingly contradictory concepts are in fact rather closely related.

As part of the program, a series of 10 films was created – the tours through Moscow museums. Those films will be released in December 2021. From the very beginning, the educational program was designed for ordinary audience, for people without special artistic education. The fifth season features a story about ten Moscow museums and exposition sites with entertaining programs, hence - due to various circumstances - not well-known to the public at large.

The project was attended by:
Museum of Moscow Archeology,
Museum AZ,
Cultural Foundation Ekanerina,
RuArts Foundation,
Vadim Sidur Museum,
Museum Collection,
Stella Art Foundation,
Museum of Moscow Transport,
Museum of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov,
Andrei Rublev Central Museum of Old Russian Culture and Art.

The script for the entire cycle is by Vera Tolstaya, a 19-year-old student of Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS).
The host of the 5th season, Evgenia Gladkina, is an active blogger, a working mother and a regular visitor od cultural events, hence not a fine art expert. And the questions she asked are exactly the ones that any visitor could ask.
In addition to the social network ВКонтакте, the 5th season of the educational program will be displayed on screens in the trains of Russian Railways.

A video tour through the museum Collection, during which the founder of the museum David Iakobachvili talks about the story behind museum, the way everything is arranged there and why the museum was named "Collection"; about how the collection is replenished and what educational programs are being implemented in the museum is in our Video Archive.