"Bringing Back the Desuete Russian Artisans Names" – the project of David Iakobachvili

On December 1, at 16:00, TASS RUSSIAN NEWS AGENCY will host online press conference dedicated to the presentation of the catalog "Firm of Fyodor Lorie and Jeweler Egor Cheryatov" and the opening of the thematic exhibition within the framework of the project "BRINGING BACK THE DESUETE RUSSIAN ARTISANS NAMES" initiated by David Iakobachvili.

The museum Collection founder David Iakobachvili, the historian of jewelry art development, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Valentin Skurlov, Art Director of the museum Collection Svetlana Churaeva, head of the museum Collection scientific and methodological department Julia Lisenkova, fine art expert and completist Mikhail Vilkin, historian and archivist Dmitry Krivoshey are going to talk about the project launching and the unique collection of jewelry items.

  The broadcast will be available on the TASS website at the announcement page.