Museum Collection supports “Play and Help” charity foundation

This year, museum Collection supports charity event “The Dreamers”, which will take place in St. Petersburg on December 1. The charitable project  "Play and Help"*  was created with the aim to realize 60 cherished desires of children - wards of the largest charitable foundations in Russia (“Life in motion”, “Children-butterflies”, “Give Life”, Konstantin Khabensky Foundation, Children's Hospice and others). The event will bring together representatives of culture, art and sportsmen in order to become real Wizards for little Dreamers and instill hope and belief in the reality of miracles to their hearts.

December is the most magical time of the year when it is so important to find time for good deeds ... And in order to maintain the fabulous atmosphere of the evening, the museum Collection prepared a thematic selection of rare musical compositions from the museum Sound Library, selected and digitized especially for the guests of the event.

*The charity initiative “Play and Help” project was created by the families of famous football players, with the support of caring athletes, cultural, art and sports figures from St. Petersburg and Russia. “Play and Help” is a project that brings people together. We all play. Someone is playing football or hockey, someone is playing the violin, someone performs in the theater, others are playing with children every day. Any kindred playing can be inspiring and serve a good purpose.