Album of Ekaterina Geltzer photos dedicated to her 145th birth anniversary

Ekaterina Geltzer  is not just one of the names in the history of Russian ballet; she is one of the brightest stars of the Russian stage, an outstanding representative of the Russian school of classical dance.

Her talent, multiplied by work, made her the toast of the public; her performances were received with enthusiasm everywhere. She was a vigorous dancer full of natural charm and she had a bright personality. Her ballet technique was amazing; expression and magic lived in her. The impeccable technique, musicality, dance expressiveness and deep penetration into the inner life of the stage character were combined in her performance. Ballet critics wrote about her, "with her dizzying and mind-blowing rounds, pirouettes and other subtleties of choreographic art, the ballerina raptures the audience".

In those days, Italian ballerinas reigned on the Russian ballet scene - Pierina Legnani, Virginia Zucchi, Antonia Del Era that were distinguished by virtuosity and impeccable technique. Geltzer surpassed her Italian colleagues, largely thanks to the wisest ballet teacher, Christian Johansson, to whom Catherine came to the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, to take master classes and at the same time, she danced on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater.

She danced until she was 70 and was in great shape!

Thematic album, made up of photographs of the Russian ballet scene star, Ekaterina Geltzer, is posted in the museum Photo Gallery . The album is comprised of the postcards printed from photographs of Ekaterina Geltzer, stored in the collection section “Prints”  (Published by N.A. Krestovnikov, A.A. Levenson printing partnership).